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Reaching the Young Audience (48 min)

  • Speaker/s Helena Hörnfeldt, Tone Ottilie
  • Moderator/s Daniel Lundquist
  • Language English

BUFF looks at the current film offering for the young audience. What are this year’s trends? What issues are important to young people today? Looking at the films screened this year at BUFF, we find climate, environment, mental health, identity and gender as clear themes.

We have invited two lecturers who will guide us deeper and cast a new light on these pressing issues. The seminar ends with a discussion.

Helena Hörnfeldt, associate professor of ethnology at Stockholm University, has conducted interview studies on children’s fears, where the climate crisis has proven to be a recurring theme. In a mini-lecture, she shares her research on children’s and young people’s climate anxiety and puts the fears of the earth’s downfall in a historical perspective.

Tone Ottilie, film director, graduated from the Danish Film School in 2021. In her short films, she portrays young people and the world they live in emphasizing the importance of involving the target group by actually getting to know and listening to them. Her graduation film Disasters, shown on BUFF, is about 16-year-old Liv who falls in love with a girl, at the same time as she struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The presentations are followed by a panel discussion where some of this year’s BUFF directors reflect on themes and how to make films important to a young audience.