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Work in progress – Wednesday (17:00 – 18:30)

  • Speaker/s Jovanna Remaeus & Frida Wallman Christian Ryltenius & Johanna Bergenstråhle Svante Tidholm & Victor Lindgren Ronny Fritsche & Maria Eriksson-Hecht
  • Moderator/s Julia Jarl
  • Language English
  • Event details
  • Wednesday 15 March | 17:00 - 18:30 | Panora, Salong 2
    • Held in English
    • Accreditation needed

    A very popular, recurring event in the program is Work in Progress. This year we present four upcoming films from Sweden. See trailers and have the opportunity to ask the filmmakers questions.

    Bamse och världens minsta äventyr

    With: Christian Ryltenius and Johanna Bergenstråhle, Sluggerfilm.

    When Nalle-Maja drinks XYZ-juice and shrinks, everything takes a different turn. Will the others find or even be able to see her when she’s so tiny? Can you make a difference if you’re as small as an ant?

    Gasa tills det rasar

    With: Svante Tidholm and Victor Lindgren

    Emil is 12 and his mother has died. He is forced to move from Malå to Lycksele to live with his aunt and her husband Jörgen. Jörgen doesn’t want anything to do with Emil while his daughter Kerstin takes Emil on mad escapades and parties. Through Kerstin, Emil meets Uffe – the mad one of the town. Despite Uffe being 17 years older than Emil, they form a strong bond.

    Gasa tills det rasar is a harsh inland depiction of life that has a lot of humour and warmth. A kitchen sink drama in the style of The Fast and the Furious among men, motors and drugs.

    Knyckertz: Snutjakten

    With: Frida Wallman and Linus Stöhr Torell

    After a failed hit that nearly cost Kriminellen’s life, the Knyckertz family is walking the straight path. Ture likes the new way of life, but the others in the family are suffocating…and soon enough there are new temptations. At the same time, there are suspicions surrounding Snuten, the family dog. Is he really a stolen dog, just like everything else the family possesses?


    With: Ronny Fritsche and Maria Eriksson-Hecht

    When love appears in teenage brothers Alex och Robin’s lives, the protective symbiosis in which they exist is destroyed. For one of the brothers, it’s a healing process. For the other, it is the first step towards total disaster.

    ”Kevlarsjäl” is a raw and powerful portrayal of youth in today’s Sweden. A country where the Convention on the rights of the child has become law, but where society all too often fails and forces children to grow up too fast.