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Discover Malmö from a local "BUFF" perspective!

Believe it or not, there’s more to see in Malmö than all the cinemas! Below we have listed some local favorites that our own BUFF-team enjoys to do in their free time – maybe it will be your new favorite too!

  • Malmö's most delicious breakfast places!

    Just outside the city center you can find one of Malmö’s most delicious breakfast places in my opinion – Ali orientalisk bröd! Grab a “Malmö by bike” and enjoy a new baked bread, pickles and some msabaha, or hey, you know what, just go for it!

    Adress: Bariumsgatan 2, Malmö

    Lina Birk

  • Stay one more day!

    Why not stay in Malmö an extra day and see the brilliant Californian harpist Mary Lattimore at Inkonst 16/3!

    Daniel Lundquist

  • I've got THREE tips for you!

    First tip: Come a day early and see Flammenwerfer at Malmö live with Blixa Bargeld and Nils Fram!

    Second tip: Take a cold and refreshing skinny dip in the ocean at Kallis!

    Third tip: Enjoy a delicious beer at Pivo!


    Måns Leonartsson

  • Explore a new area in Malmö!

    One of my favorite weekly activities is the Wednesday quiz at the Mässingshornet Restaurang & Musicpub! Perfect for exploring a new area in Malmö –  see you there!

    Hugo Liedgren

  • Try a classic Swedish dish!

    If you feel hungry, Siesta in Gamla Väster has both Frunch, Lunch and à La Carte. It’s always a fiesta at Siesta! A great tip for those who want to try a classic Swedish dish such as Köttbullar or Jansson frestelse!

    Julia Falzon

  • Discover Malmö's best second hands!

    If you like vintage and second hand shopping, leave some extra space in your bag when visiting Malmö, as there are plenty of great second hand shops in the city! One of my favorites is Pop boutique – just one minute from the cinema Filmstaden!


    Josefin Landahl

  • Visit Form/Design Center!

    Visit Form/Design Center! Look at exhibitons within architecture, design, and crafts, buy a nice book from the design shop or hang out in the café and read magazines. Its for free!


    Eva Ericsson

  • Grab a beer!

    Grab a beer at Taproom (and also get a 10% discount) to do some beer tasting from around the world! But if you not up for a drink check out the charming café called Flax.


    Liselotte Persson