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Echo to Delta (91)

  • Director Patrick Boivin
  • Country Canada
  • Age Rec. 10+
  • Language French
  • Year 2023
  • Also onsite
  • Monday 11 March | 12:20 - 14:11 | Filmstaden 1,
  • Tuesday 12 March | 12:20 - 14:11 | Filmstaden 2

There is such a thing as aliens. Etienne and his younger brother David are totally sure of it. One stormy evening, they climb onto the shed roof with their walkie-talkies looking for radio contact. Then everything happens in a flash: there’s deafening bang and when Etienne wakes up in hospital, David is missing. Has he been abducted, or is he only missing? A captivating film about friendship and grief.