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Travel Information

If you are coming to Malmö, please check this page with useful information about your trip.

  • Copenhagen Airport & Train to Malmö

    If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), our staff will be there waiting for you with a sign.

    They will also help you take the train to Malmö C (Central station) and give you the train ticket. There is a train departing every 10/20 minutes from Platform 1.

    The first stop after the Airport is Hyllie, where there is Border control. Please, remember to travel with your passport or ID and a valid permit / Schengen visa. For more information about Passport control, click here.

    The second stop is Triangeln, and the third one is your stop: Malmö C (Central Station).

    When you arrive, please take the stairs to the main corridor. Our staff will be close to the 7- Eleven store with a sign waiting for you and walking you to the hotel.

  • Departure

    In order to get to Copenhagen Airport, you will need a train ticket. At the festival centre you can pick up your departure ticket or you can contact our Guest Coordinator, Liselotte at